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Rights Managed or Royalty Free: How to Choose Which License to Use

Although royalty free is the popular choice now, that does not necessarily mean that it suits your creative needs and budget. Rights managed can bring greater savings too, depending on a number of factors. You have to evaluate your needs and goals first to determine which license best suits your needs. Rights managed or royalty free – here are some things to consider when choosing a stock photo license to use.

Non-Exclusivity and Brand Diluting

Imagine two competing brands using the same photo for the marketing campaigns. This does not only bring laughter to the audience, but it also brings confusion on which brands to correlate them with. This may seem a small issue, but a number of these cases have happened in the past. One popular example is when Gateway and Dell used the same image years ago.

Using the same image as your competitors dilute your brand marketing and identity. This could have a negative effect on your marketing strategy because your target audience will have another brand to remember every time they see the image you chose for your campaign. Even if the companies are not competitors, it could bring unwanted connections that can be either misleading or embarrassing.

To avoid these problems in the future, we recommend companies to use rights managed images for their marketing campaigns, which can be found here. RM include exclusivity rights that allow you to use the image in a specific period of time and location solely. It assures you that nobody else will overshadow your campaign or ad.

The Problem with Exclusivity

Royalty free comes with lower prices and multiple usage rights. It is usually widely distributed, and are non-exclusive – meaning you might see them in other websites. Many buyers can purchase the license at the same time. Even with millions of choices in the market, there is still a chance that you will find the same images you purchased from another website in another.

Most stock photo agencies put the most popular and most purchased images in the first page of the search results, so those images have probably been downloaded by many other creative professionals. If you want to choose royalty free image over rights managed, we recommend digging deeper into the search results to find an image that has not been used multiple times.

The Verdict

So, which license should you choose – rights managed or royalty free? Although price is often the factor to consider when purchasing stock images, you should not overlook the pros and cons of the licenses you purchase them with. Determine your creative needs and find a license that best suits them, and you will be able to make the most out of it.

Cheap Stock Footage, cheap stock video

Where Do You Get a Cheap Stock Video Footage?


Some clients require video footage of particular places, events and backgrounds. It is good if you have those footage at your disposal. But, what if you don’t? What would you do? Thankfully, there are cheap stock video footage to help you meet your client’s needs and get the job done. These video footage are pristine and have high quality. They also have good composition and proper exposure practices in place. If your own footage isn’t good, you should consider purchasing from a stock site.

What is a cheap stock video footage? It is a video or film that is not shot for a specific creative project. It is generic in nature and can be integrated to videos seamlessly. It is very useful to creative professionals like you because it is a lot easier and cheaper to acquire than shooting a new footage. Some good examples of a footage include crowds of people, cities wildlife, and landscapes. You can get them from websites that offer stock footage for an affordable price.

  • shutterstock_2012_logo-300x44Shutterstock. Aside from royalty-free stock photos, Shutterstock also offers cheap stock video footage for a cost. The stock site has over 4 million footages. You can download a single clip for as low as $19 for web purposes. It also offers standard definition videos for $49 and high definition videos for $79 each. If you are looking for 4K footages, you can download one for $199. Moreover, you can save more by purchasing a pack that is right for you.
  • istock_logo_detail-300x76iStock. iStock also offers cheap stock video footage. You can explore royalty-free, HD video, B-roll and stock footage from its collection of curated video clips. You can purchase footages from the Essentials and Signature collections through credits. One video from the Essentials collection costs 6 credits, which is the best value for tight budgets. On the other hand, it costs 18 credits from the Signature collection because you can’t find it anywhere else.
  • pond5-logo-300x118Pond5. Pond5 offers an extensive variety of cheap stock video footage. In fact, it has the largest royalty-free collection in the world. With over 4 million clips, you will surely find whatever you need to jump-start your creative project. The prices are very affordable, too. With as low as $5 per video clip, it is suitable if you have a very tight budget. It is one of the cheapest stock video sources because the artists are the ones who set the prices for their images.

Why should you consider cheap stock video footage? You can purchase a footage and use it as often as you like without worrying about royalties. It is also less expensive that having to shoot one yourself. It is a smart move to purchase a stock footage because it is a lot cheaper and easier to acquire.